About NewSum

NewSum: News at a glance
News summaries in several languages

  • Automated news summaries
  • From  many sources
  • In two languages
  • Access to the original news source
  • For free

What is so special about NewSum?

  • Polyphonic
    Learn about what difference sources report on the same event
    Without redundancy, without missing the main points
    You decide what counts: No human intervention
  • Prompt
    News summaries: Keep the essence
  • Transparent
    Access to the original articles
    Sources you prefer
  • Personal
    Automated recommendations based on what you like
  • Unique
    Break the barriers: The only technology to function across languages

State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence in NewSum
NewSum is a technology and a set of tools that can change our reading habits:

  • it reads the news from several sources,
  • it clusters articles that refer to the same event,
  • it summarizes every article cluster into on summary, without repetition, while keeping all the views on the topic.

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