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Athletes criticise IOC plan to readmit Russian and Belarusian athletes – video

Thomas Bach: ‘We see that in some sports it’s already working’‘Blanket prohibition of athletes cannot go on’Russian and Belarusian athletes should be allowed to compete again across all sports as neutral athletes – as long as they have no clear links to the military, the International Olympic Committee has said.However the IOC’s executive board has suggested that Russian and Belarusian teams should remain banned from international competition, along with athletes and coaches who are vocal supporters of the war.

Kostyuk in response has said that her 'career would be over' if she refused to compete against Russians and that Ukrainian players felt 'discriminated against' by the tennis authorities.Russian The IOC president, Thomas Bach, used the example of Kostyuk competing against the Russian Varvara Gracheva in the recent ATK Open final as an example of athletes competing without friction in sport, despite Kostyuk refusing to shake her opponent's hand.

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