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Football Daily | Could there be two London clubs in the Women’s Big Cup final four?

But we’re not talking about Spurs or Chelsea today, so our new favourite idiom can have the rest of the day off.

Well, of course there is, it’s jobby; thanks to the shower in charge of the country, there’s tonnes of the stuff bobbing up and down the Thames. Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now!There must be something in the London water. Perhaps someone can find a way of pinning Kalidou Koulibaly and Marc Cucurella on Liz Truss when it all goes up. Thing is, neither club appears to be a model of corporate competence right now. But it’s also an idiom, and just like exactly this time last week, it gives us an excuse to lash Chelsea and Tottenham together for the purposes of our story. Only this morning, Chelsea posted a loss of £121m for the 2021-22 season, a number which doesn’t look all that clever to simple folk like Football Daily. The club blame the Boris Johnson-approved sanctions imposed on former owner Roman Abramovich, which will continue to be felt “in the following years”, as presumably will the £500m splurge set to hit next year, so good luck to everyone at the Bridge.

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