Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 313 of the invasion

Attack on Russian-held area in Donetsk hit military complex; Kyiv targeted by Russian air strikeSee all our Russia-Ukraine war coverageA New Year’s Day attack on a complex in the Russian-controlled city of Makiivka has killed scores of recently mobilised troops sent by Moscow, according to reports on both sides, in what could be one of the deadliest known incidents involving Russian conscripts so far. Ukrainian officials claim Russia is deliberately targeting civilians to sow fear.Russian A children’s hospital was among the buildings said to have been hit by Russian shelling. claimed its strikes against Ukraine on New Year’s Eve – including the launch of more than 20 cruise missiles that killed at least three people – were targeting its neighbour’s drone production. It says an estimated 107,440 Russian soldiers have been killed, while it claims to have destroyed 283 aircraft and more than 3,000 Russian tanks.Over the last five days, Russian and Ukrainian forces have probably been fighting for control of the P66 highway, north of the Russian-held Luhansk town of Kremina, the UK Ministry of Defence reports. The P66 is a “key supply route for the northern section of Russia’s Donbas front from the Belgorod region of Russia” and its use has been disrupted by Ukrainian artillery since October, the ministry adds.As a result of overnight strikes on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, energy infrastructure facilities were damaged, causing power and heating outages, city mayor Klitschko said on Monday.Ukraine’s Zelenskiy, added that “45 ‘Shaheds’ were shot down on the first night of the year” in his Monday evening address.Ukraine has published the latest figures in relation to Russian losses since the beginning of the invasion last February. president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has praised Ukrainians for showing gratitude to the troops and one another and said Russia’s efforts would prove useless. But the Ukrainian forces defending the border say the Russians will not be able to break through as they did in February, when the Sumy region had no defensive lines.Russia

Amid talk of Russia reinvading from the north, volunteer units of the remote Sumy region represent the first line of defenceOn New Year’s Eve in a patch of forest along the north-east border with Russia, a unit of Ukrainian territorial defence forces stood guard in their trenches.Ukraine’s most senior defence officials have said they believe Russia will attempt a second invasion from the north in the next couple of months, using troops who have been training for the past three months since being mobilised in October.

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