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Ask yourself, what care delivery has seen an uptake in technology adoption? People imagined that post-Covid-19, technology would become much more compelling in all types of care delivery. Consider this understatement from Jennifer Kent of Parks: "Consumers clearly desire a self-help approach first but need more effective tools to solve the problems on their own." Otherwise, according to the Parks document, they become frustrated, write negative reviews and return the products. And these folks are aged 35-44. Perhaps this is a good long-term sign that there will be more tech minds outside the big firms to allocate to innovation for an aging population.

SeeingAI (iPhone) And Fall Detect by KamiCare, part of Kami Vision, the computer vision company helps detect and prevent senior fall risk by using affordable vision AI, two-way audio, private verification of incidents and more." As data scientists, engineers, nurses and physicians, we strive to detect the objective information that make up these patterns, and translate that knowledge into actionable insights for caregivers – from assisted living, memory care and independent living communities to home care. We believe this powerful new set of data and analytics will improve senior care and provide peace of mind to their loved ones.” "With its launch of KamiCare, an artificial intelligence (AI) fall management solution for senior living communities, Kami Vision has announced Fall Detect by KamiCare, the world’s first AI fall detection and assistance system available at home that does not require a wearable or pull alarm. The Smart Care Facility Platform transforms healthcare settings with powerful AI-enabled automation that improves processes, saves valuable time, reduces costs and eases burdens on care teams so they can focus on delivering the best patient care possible. "We are focused on identifying patterns in the daily lives of seniors that can predict declines in their health and enable early intervention.

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