‘It’s hard getting money to stretch’: single mothers say they need support

During more than a decade of austerity, successive Conservative governments have fanned the flames of shame surrounding single parents, and used the benefits system to heap financial pressure on their already vulnerable families.Take Introducing the two-child limit to benefit payments, the then work and pensions minister said it was about “bringing home to parents the reality that children cost money”. Iain Duncan Smith’s 2015 party conference speech.

Women in Leicestershire on how soaring bills have hit their finances – and why one-off payments aren’t enoughTories have shamed single parents and heaped financial pressure on themHalf of all children in lone-parent families are in relative poverty‘I’m feeling the squeeze’: single mothers on the living costs crisisKelly Ross, a single mother to her three-year-old son Charlie, has just found out her energy bills are tripling in price, from £94 a month to £292.With summer holidays on the horizon, there’s not much left in the pot for anything other than essentials, and she finds it hard to escape the constant burden of money worries.

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