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The Breakdown | England’s grim Barbarians loss and Dad’s Army platoon raise big questions

To receive the full version every Tuesday, just pop your email in below:This was meant to be the week when English rugby union shifted the narrative. It was also a prime opportunity to select a few fresh players with one eye on the Rugby World Cup next year. For all involved – players, coaches, even the media – the upcoming tour of Australia has been shimmering on the horizon like an oasis in the outback, offering a chance to look forward rather than endlessly back. Here’s an extract from this week’s edition.

Wales’ pocket-sized illusionist enriched the sporting world, with clips of his brilliance now part of union’s heritage and soulWelcome to The Breakdown, the Guardian’s weekly (and free) rugby union newsletter. At its best, though, it offers more in the way of light and shade than any other team sport out there. And for those who grew up in the 1970s, the game’s most evocative, dazzling wizard will always be Phil Bennett. It is not for everyone which, perversely, is one of its most compelling features.

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