Rail strikes will go ahead as RMT leader says government ‘actively prevented settlement to dispute’ – as it happened

The Criminal Bar Association (CBA), which represents barristers in England and Wales, said several days of court walkouts will begin from next week.

It would be a disaster for our passengers and, look, really bad for our employees, who would lose loads of money by having a long, drawn-out strike – that really is the worst place we can get to.At the end of the day, the facts about the support the government’s provided in terms of the £16bn through Covid, etc – all of those are well-known and documented.The immediate action to halt the exodus of criminal barristers from our ranks, the record backlog that has crippled our courts will continue to inflict misery upon victims and defendants alike, and the public will be betrayed. promised industrial action, announced on Monday following a ballot of members, comes at a time of significant backlogs across the court system.This He said this was an issue for the industry to resolve with trade unions.He said managers wanted to make the rail industry “more efficient to generate the funds so that we can make the pay awards that our colleagues want”.I extraordinary commitment to the democratic process reflects a recognition amongst criminal barristers at all levels of call and across all circuits that what is at stake is the survival of a profession of specialist criminal advocates and of the criminal justice system which depends so critically upon their labour.Without General secretary Mick Lynch confirms strike action will proceed, as transport secretary Grant Shapps says rail unions to blameRail strikes: which trains and tubes will still be running?Tim Shoveller, the chief negotiator for Network Rail, told the Today programme this morning that he did not think the government needed to get involved in the talks on the rail dispute.

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