US Senate passes $40bn aid package for Ukraine – as it happened

All Democrats and all but 11 Republicans supported the billBiden backs Sweden and Finland as members of ‘revived Nato’Congress members led ‘reconnaissance tours’ of Capitol, panel suggestsSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by emailAs Nancy Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers prepare to speak to the media about rising gun crime and domestic terrorism in the wake of the Buffalo massacre comes news of another multiple shooting: at a high school graduation in Tennessee.According
over these past months we have shown transatlantic unity and strength at its best and have responded forcefully to Russia’s aggression by providing unprecedent support for Ukraine.After 200 years of military non-alignment, Sweden has chosen a new path.Russia’s
Russia’s war in Ukraine has changed Europe’s and our security environment.
masks have fallen and we see only the cold faces of war.
to the Associated Press, one person was killed and another injured in the incident Wednesday night at Middle Tennessee state university, where graduating seniors at Murfreesboro’s Riverdale high school were being honored.The
The situation in Ukraine reminds us of the darkest days in European history.[But]
full-scale aggression against a sovereign and democratic neighbor was a watershed moment for Sweden.
Source: the guardian

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