Kevin Rudd attacks ‘idiot’ Peter Dutton over ‘hairy-chested’ comments on China

former Australian prime minister also took aim at Beijing, saying that if Chinese officials really wanted a reset in the relationship with Australia he “could not think of a dumber thing to do than what they just did in the Solomons”.

Follow all the day’s newsWeChat posts warn Labor plans ‘to turn children gay’Read our latest election briefing and listen to today’s campaign catchup podcastElection 2022 seat explorer; Pork-o-meter election promises trackerGuardian Australia’s full federal election coverageGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingJane Hume then seemingly defends Scott Morrison’s criticism of barristers and lawyers yesterday as being taken out of context:Q: Where have we become, as a nation, when the Prime Minister of Australia yesterday said that he has no truck with barristers and lawyers?Well, I don’t think he said that he has no truck with the legal system.I’m not entirely sure of the context of that comment but I can assure you the Prime Minister upholds the rule of law and respects the legal profession.I don’t think this is a comment worth taking out of context.In the context of the Icac, the Government wants to make sure there is a Commonwealth integrity commission introduced in the life this parliament but we want to make sure that it’s one that presumes innocence, not guilt, that it doesn’t turn into a show trial, that it isn’t simply Icac on 24/7TV. We want to make sure it delivers integrity.I not going to second-guess how people would feel about those comments. The Prime Minister said that.We want to make sure – I do, as the Prime Minister, and the Coalition Government – that any Commonwealth integrity commission delivers justice, it delivers a presumption of innocence and it doesn’t deliver a show trial which is exactly what the Prime Minister is objecting too.I think that Katherine Deves is fighting for an important cause, which is fairness for women in sport … I would not use those words. I wouldn’t use them on social media, and I wouldn’t use them in conversation with you or anyone. Prime minister to make clean energy technology investment as Labor leader promises childcare reform. Suffice to say …These are sensitive issues and should be approached cautiously, making sure our language is not insensitive in the way it’s expressed, because these are important issues and we know that particularly transgender children are some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

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