Election 2022 live updates: Labor pledges millions for threatened species; Coalition’s $3bn marginal seat spend

He thinks Australians don’t get the link between these things. He thinks he can just say what he likes and you can have your cake and eat it. I think you’ll find that the government has been very clear in its condemnation of the comments by Mr Albanese, not because of the figure that he put out there specifically, but the fact that he’s just chosen to put a figure out there you know, without bothering to consult, take advice, you know, there’s no science around it. The Coalition has promised big spending in marginal electorates, while a WeChat analysis reveals how political news is resonating with Chinese speakers.

AEC says second prepolling venue with better accessibility will open this weekend after floods interrupted ‘plan after plan’Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesRead our latest election briefing and listen to today’s campaign catchup podcastGuardian Australia’s full federal election coverageGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingThe Australian Electoral Commission is scrambling to secure more voting locations in flood-ravaged Lismore after residents raised concerns that just one prepolling site, which has accessibility issues, is open.Residents also called for better communication from the AEC to tell people that their usual polling place may have been “washed away” in the floods, and to help them find a new location to vote at in the 21 May election.

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