‘Only bad things’ in Lindsay: western Sydney voters remain deeply unimpressed

This is about the nation trusting the capacity of a government to keep them in safe hands.” was pushed on the issue of trust during an early Sunday morning interview with Nine after text messages he sent to Brittany Higgins questioning the integrity of the PM were revealed in February.“Trust is not about what I think of you Chris, and I do trust the prime minister because every agreement I’ve had with him, he has honoured.”“This is a much bigger thing. We should be trusted because we understand what is before us.” Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese will square off in second leaders’ debate to be broadcast on Channel Nine. “You should trust it because every target that is set in regards to climate change we’ve met.

Many Penrith residents are disengaged from politics, although their seat has consistently swung with the election winnerAnywhere but Canberra: seat profilesRead our latest election briefing and listen to today’s campaign catchup podcastElection 2022 seat explorer; Pork-o-meter election promises trackerGuardian Australia’s full federal election coverageGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingGrace Collins says she has heard of Anthony Albanese, but she doesn’t know much about him.“And what I hear about him is only bad things,” she says. Her partner, Tama Doole, says he wouldn’t be able to recognise Albanese if he saw him on the street.

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