Leaked Beergate memo could clear Starmer, lawyer believes

Adam Wagner, a barrister specialising in lockdown rules, says document shows purpose of meal was political, not socialA barrister specialising in lockdown rules has said a leaked document showing Keir Starmer attended a prearranged meal in Durham during an election could be used to clear the Labour leader of allegations that he broke the law.The document, published by the Mail on Sunday, shows that an 80-minute dinner with the Labour MP Mary Foy, featuring a takeaway curry, was planned as part of his schedule.

Tories claim document published in Mail on Sunday proves Labour leader is guilty of ‘rank double standards’Labour has rejected claims that a leaked planning memo about Keir Starmer’s visit to Durham last year undermined his assertion he did not break lockdown laws, insisting he is “Mr Rules”.The

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