Pixel 6 review: the cut-price Google flagship phone

new model is Google’s top phone for 2021 and costs £849 ($899/A$1,299), sitting above the standard Pixel 6 costing £599.Screen: Brilliant camera and experience puts Pixel on par with Samsung and Apple, while undercutting on priceThe Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s reinvigorated attempt to beat Apple and Samsung’s best smartphones, with powerful new cameras, custom chips and a standout design.The

phone costs £599 ($599/A$999), which is £250 less than the Pixel 6 Pro, while still offering 90% of what you get with Google’s top model.Screen: Top camera, Android 12 and Tensor chip but competitive pricing makes for a bargainThe Pixel 6 is Google’s affordable flagship phone for 2021 and proves to be a leader in the field with a top-class camera and a new advanced chip at its heart – while undercutting most of the competition on price.The

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