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'It's all about money': Jürgen Klopp on biennial World Cup proposal – video

Uefa president says biennial World Cup plans could ‘kill football’World Athletics president warns of anger across Olympic sportsFifa’s radical plans to stage a biennial World Cup came under attack hours after they were officially unveiled on Thursday – with the World Athletics president, Sebastian Coe, warning of growing anger across Olympic sports and Uefa’s president, Aleksander Ceferin, saying the proposals could “kill football”.The Premier League joined 36 other European leagues in signing a statement stating they were “firmly and unanimously opposed” to Fifa’s proposals for a new international calendar which would see a major international tournament every summer, with the World Cup and Euros in alternate years.

Jürgen Klopp has said that Fifa's plan to hold the World Cup every two years is 'all about money'. He added that any proposal should prioritise the welfare of players, some of whom may play a major tournament every year under such a plan.The

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