Coronavirus live news: France ICU cases climbing rapidly; German lockdown row deepens

Number of patients in intensive care in France near to numbers reached in autumn 2020; state leader pushes back after Merkel criticism of inactionMerkel threat to centralise Covid response as some states refuse to actWHO: Covid probably passed to humans from bats via other animalMadeira lets in tourists who can show Covid ‘vaccine passport’Women in Japan suffer isolation and despair amid Covid job losses 10.53pm BST Covid-19 probably passed to humans from a bat via an intermediary animal, an international expert mission to China concluded in a report seen by AFP Monday, while all but ruling out a laboratory leak.But the report, drafted by World Health Organization-appointed international experts and their Chinese counterparts, offers no definitive answers on how the new coronavirus jumped to humans.

intermediate host hypothesis was deemed “likely to very likely”, while the theory that the virus escaped from a lab was considered “extremely unlikely”, according to a copy of the long-awaited final report seen by AFP on Monday before its official release.

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