You’re not imaging things, there is a serious chip shortage

The supply of computing components can get a little tight around the end of the year but this year is especially bad, much of it due to Covid-19-related issues.Intel In the latter half of the year it was hit with chipset shortages, with the B460 and H410 chipsets reportedly out of stock through the end of last year, and availability of the Z590 chipset is also constrained.AMD

also has a problem: it can’t make enough chips. spent much of 2020 struggling with CPU shortages. Some of its Ryzen processors, particularly the Ryzen 5 line, are immensely popular, and there are simply none to be had on Amazon, Newegg, or any other online retailer.To If you’ve noticed components are hard to get these days, you are not alone. read this article in full, please click here

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