5G-frequency auction prompts $2 billion in bids on the first day

5G resources What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones How 5G frequency affects range and speed Private 5G can solve some problems that Wi-Fi can’t Private 5G keeps Whirlpool driverless vehicles rolling 5G can make for cost-effective private backhaul CBRS can bring private 5G to enterprises The spectrum on the block is a piece of what’s known as the C-band, specifically the 280MHz-wide swath of it from 3.7GHz to 3.98GHz.

Licenses for premium wireless bandwidth sought by service providers to build out high-performance 5G networks is being auctioned off by the Federal Communications Commission, potentially grossing up to $50 billion and enabling features that enterprises desire most. It provides wider channels that support faster connections and lower latency than other ranges available to carriers, analysts say.To read this article in full, please click here

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