Obama scolds 'petulant' Trump but reveals conservative sympathies

In interview about new memoir, Obama says ‘I am sympathetic to a certain strain of conservatism’ and lauds ‘gracious’ George BushIn an interview with the Atlantic to mark publication of his memoir A Promised Land, Barack Obama ponders Joe Biden’s chances of working with Republicans in Congress, comes close to admitting to being a never-Trump conservative himself – and compares America under Trump to Central Asia under Genghis Khan.“If

In that interview he lapped praise on George W. Bush and how the Bush administration handed off the federal government to Obama’s incoming administration. Related: Obama scolds 'petulant' Trump but reveals conservative sympathies 2.28pm GMT Welcome to the US politics blog. The Washington Post forgot to read the complaint. Donald Trump and his allies are pushing back on reports that the president’s re-election campaign is pulling back on major aspects of its legal challenge to the election results in Pennsylvania. not use the law firm of Swaine & Viebeck.They are the WAPO activists who falsely wrote that we changed our case in PA.They didn’t read para 132-150 which repeat all the allegations of the 680,777 mail in votes which were deliberately concealed from Republican inspectors. Poll Watchers, and the way they were treated, are a very big deal in the complaint! we were going to have a rightwing populist in this country,” Obama says, “I would have expected somebody a little more appealing.” Campaign reportedly withdraws illegally processed ballots claimTrump faces pressure to begin transition as Covid surgesSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 2.49pm GMT As part of his media tour for his new book, former president Barack Obama sat down with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

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