Coronavirus live news: Trump 'tests negative' for Covid; Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial paused

Follow the latest updates:White House doctor says US President has tested negative for CovidCovid in Europe: second wave gathers pace across continentTrump holds packed rally after Covid diagnosis as he struggles in pollsAnthony Fauci criticises Trump for using his words out of contextBoris Johnson unveils three-tier Covid restrictions for England 3.58am BST Keen to appear lively and well after his recent hospitalization for Covid-19, Donald Trump held his first rally since being diagnosed, addressing a packed, largely maskless crowd in Florida – a state he desperately needs to win.“I feel so powerful,” he boasted to his cheering supporters, 11 days after announcing his infection.
I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience.
Johnson’s speech unveiling a tiered system of lockdown measures for England has been greeted on today’s front pages with anger in the worst-affected northern regions and fears of a nationwide lockdown, Graham Russell writes.
I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women – everybody,” he added, his voice still a bit hoarse.
Johnson & Johnson confirms pause in vaccine trial; Fauci says holding large rallies ‘asking for trouble’; Czech government closes bars and schools.
Source: the guardian

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