Why do Covid fatalities seem steady when infection numbers are rising?

One suggestion is that Covid-19 is now becoming a disease of younger people who are less likely to die or suffer serious complications.

While some scientists believe the virus has become less deadly, others look at the factors that suggest otherwiseAre Covid-19 death rates decreasing?Most statistics indicate that although cases of Covid-19 are rising in many parts of Europe and the United States, the number of deaths and cases of severe complications remain relatively low. Some suggest that medical interventions are more successful at treating those who suffer complications from the disease. lies behind this trend?Doctors are unsure exactly what is going on. For example, patients on ventilators have dropped from 3,000 at the epidemic’s peak in Britain to 70. For example, the drug dexamethasone was recently shown to improve survival rates among patients requiring ventilation. At the same time, the number of cases in the UK have begun to rise in many areas.What Others argue that different factors are involved.

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