Coronavirus live news: Covid-19 'taking different path in Africa', says WHO

previous daily peak of 424 fatalities was reported by authorities on 20 May.
#COVID19 update in Africa (As of 23 May 2020, 9 am East Africa Time)54 @_AfricanUnion Member States reporting 103,933 cases, 3,183 deaths, and 41,473 recoveries.
7.48am BST Still on the UK for a moment, Dave Penman, the general secretary of the FDA, the union that represents senior civil servants, says Boris Johnson must explain reports that his chief aide, Dominic Cummings, broke lockdown rules.The
The totaldeath count is now 433, with 17 deaths reported on Friday.
It was a normal Friday …As the numbers increase the chances of socially distancing are reducing.
An additional 42 deaths have been recorded, taking the death toll there to 8,216.
Rather than costing the federal budget $130bn, that figure has been slashed to $70bn.
At a press conference on Friday Kayleigh McEnany announced Trump would donate his quarterly pay cheque to the health and human services department as it responds to Covid-19.As she held up the $100,000 cheque, it was complete with the relevant banking details.
2.37am BST Sydney’s lord mayor, Clover Moore, has been speaking to the ABC about how the city and its public transport will manage as office workers return to the CBD.
And, of course, the issue of Dorset is that some of our beauty spots, the zigzag at Bournemouth beach going down to the beach, you can’t socially distance trying to get to the beach, and therefore we’re saying think twice, and please use common sense when you come to us, if you are going to come, is what you’re doing safe and is it fair.
Source: the guardian

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