Coronavirus: Trump claims he takes hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warnings – video

Donald Trump claimed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19, despite no compelling evidence that the drug is effective against the coronavirus.The

Moderna’s vaccine showed promising results in first human safety testsInterview with whistleblower Rick Bright angers presidentLockdown protests may have spread virus, cellphone data suggestsCoronavirus – latest global updatesGet a fresh perspective on America – sign up to our First Thing newsletter 9.59pm BST Hydroxychloroquine is considered relatively safe for people without an underlying illness, but it’s unclear if it is safe for severely sick Covid-19 patients, who may have incurred organ damage due to the virus. The FDA has warned against using hydroxychloroquine or a related compound, chloroquine, for treating or preventing Covid-19 without medical supervision in a hospital, or as part of a clinical trial. Related: Hydroxychloroquine and coronavirus: a guide to the scientific studies so far 9.49pm BST If Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, he is going against the advice of his own administration. far, the evidence that it’s a cure for coronavirus is anecdotal and mixed. The early results of trials and studies that have tricked in so far have not provided compelling evidence that hydoxychloriquine is a “miracle” drug, as Trump has claimed before. An initial French study that appeared to have launched the Trump administration’s obsession with the drug has since been discredited. The drug can have serious side effects, including serious heart rhythm problems.So

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