Coronavirus live news: China marks one month with no Covid-19 deaths as Brazil cases top 200,000

9.41am BST The Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have opened their borders to each other from Friday to create a mini Schengen area, Latvia’s broadcaster LSM.LV reports.
Not making a choice at all was perhaps the best choice that almost half of the participants chose.
The study showed that nearly half (43%) of the 83,000 people who participated in the study had not taken advantage of relaxation and 41% said the ‘rule of four’ forcing them to choose among their friends had made them tense.The confusion and choice stress that this measure brought with it could have led to people being reluctant.
This is especially important for Latvia because Lithuania and Estonia are our largest economic partners.
I also noticed in my circle that it was a difficult choice.
But a study from the university of Antwerp has revealed that social embarrassment is holding many back from breaking their lockdown bubbles.
Free movement of people will be restored to all 6 million permanent residents of the Baltic states, but arrivals from outside the three countries will have to undergo a two-week quarantine period.
From today, all of us, the six million of the Baltics, are free to cross the borders between our countries, subject to epidemiological rules.
Latvian State President Egils Levits said: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have created a small Schengen area in Europe – an area without internal borders.
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