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Abe faces awkward Trump summit on N. Korea amid plummeting support


Comey tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos he became uncomfortable when his boss, then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, asked him to describe the Clinton email investigation as a "matter."

Source: ABC

Embattled Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heads to Mar-a-Lago Tuesday for a meeting with US President Donald Trump in dire need of a policy win as he faces challenges abroad and protests at home.

Source: CNN

Former FBI Director James Comey said he believed from the outset that the British intelligence officer who wrote the report was a “credible source.”

Source: ABC

Former FBI director James Comey talks Trump, Hillary Clinton and the Steele dossier with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, in the first sit-down, televised interview Comey's given since he was fired by President Trump last May.

Source: CNN

"These are more words I never thought I'd utter about a President of the United States, but it's possible," the former FBI director told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview.

Source: ABC

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway accused Comey of sinking into the "gutter."

Source: Deutsche Welle

James Comey is breaking his long silence and describing his interactions with President Donald Trump before he was abruptly fired last year.

Source: ABC

"The challenge of this president is that he will stain everyone around him," former FBI Director James Comey told ABC News.

Source: NBC

In his book, "A Higher Loyalty," Comey writes President Trump is "untethered to the truth" and tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that Trump is "morally unfit to be president."

Source: ABC

His leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty."

Source: CNN

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