South African police raid home of Zuma associates amid influence-peddling probe


South African police raided the family home of businessmen friends of President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday amid a probe into allegations that the family used their links with the president to win state contracts and influence Cabinet appointments.

Source: Reuters

South African President Jacob Zuma was presented with two options by his party Monday: Resign within 48 hours or face dismissal.

After weeks of resisting efforts to dislodge him, embattled South African President Jacob Zuma is expected to resign Wednesday after the party he has long led, the African National Congress, called for him to step down.

Jacob Zuma must stand down as South African president, his ruling African National Congress (ANC) said Tuesday — but there was no sign when he would comply.

Source: NBC

If he refuses to resign, the next step would likely be a no-confidence vote in Parliament, one that could embarrass the governing party.

Source: New York Times

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