Russia Saratov crash: Investigators comb crash site near Moscow


The Saratov Airlines flight went down about 50 miles southeast of the capital, and the cause of the crash was unclear.

Source: New York Times

The flight took off from Moscow carrying 65 passengers and six crew members on its way to Orsk, when minutes later it began losing altitude and speed.

Source: NBC

A passenger plane en route to Orsk has crashed near the Russian capital with 71 people on board.

Source: Deutsche Welle

A Russian passenger jet crashed shortly after taking off from one of Moscow’s major airports Sunday, killing all 71 people aboard.

The passenger plane was flying from Moscow to the city of Orsk near the Kazakhstan border when it plummeted to the ground, state media said.

Source: NBC

According to preliminary information, three of the victims were non-Russian nationals.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Authorities are analyzing one of the flight data recorders to try and figure out what caused a deadly crash that killed 71 people.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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