Israel’s Clash With Iran and Syria: 5 Takeaways


Israel said it had launched a major attack after its F-16 came under Syrian fire.

Source: New York Times

The Israeli military said the pilots likely ejected from their F-16 aircraft due to Syrian anti-aircraft missiles but said it was unclear whether their war plane was hit.

Source: NBC

What are some of the lessons from a skirmish in which Israel lost a jet? One is that as the Syrian civil war winds down, a new conflict is emerging.

Source: New York Times

Israel struck targets deep in Syria and shot down an infiltrating Iranian drone, marking its most serious engagement in neighboring Syria since fighting there began in 2011

Source: ABC

The events appeared to be Israel’s first direct engagement with Iranian forces in Syrian territory.

Source: New York Times

Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday that Israel would continue to target Iranian-backed forces inside Syria.

Source: Deutsche Welle

His comments come amid rising tensions a day after an Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed under fire.

Source: Deutsche Welle

All Sources: New York Times New York Times ABC Deutsche Welle NBC


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