Netanyahu says Israel undeterred after Syria shoots down F-16


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israeli forces would press ahead with Syria operations despite their loss of an advanced warplane to enemy fire for the first time in 36 years.

Source: Reuters

Israel struck targets deep in Syria and shot down an infiltrating Iranian drone, marking its most serious engagement in neighboring Syria since fighting there began in 2011

Source: ABC

Israel has struck what it referred to as Iranian targets inside Syria in "large-scale" raids.

Source: Deutsche Welle

The events appeared to be Israel’s first direct engagement with Iranian forces in Syrian territory.

Source: New York Times

Israel said it had launched a major attack after its F-16 came under Syrian fire.

Source: New York Times

The operations come after an Israeli warplane crashed under fire from Syrian air defenses.

Source: Deutsche Welle

All Sources: New York Times ABC Reuters Deutsche Welle


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