Kim Jong Un invites South Korean president for summit: South Korea


One reader said it was humiliating that South Korea was not marching under its own flag.

Source: New York Times

After North Korea’s leader relayed the proposal through his sister, President Moon Jae-in said the Koreas should “create the environment to make it happen.”

Source: New York Times

When a hotel on South Korea's east coast was asked at short notice to host nearly 280 North Korean visitors, the problem wasn't finding enough rooms.

Source: Reuters

The diplomatic opening created for North and South Korea by the Winter Olympics widened Saturday, with the totalitarian state’s leader proposing an inter-Korean summit in the “near future.”

Her three-day trip is to include a meeting with President Moon Jae-in, the highest-level inter-Korean contact in more than a decade.

Source: New York Times

In North Korea’s dynastic system, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, wields clout that cannot be matched by any other member of the political elite.

Source: New York Times

Vice President Mike Pence and top North Korean leaders, including Kim Jong Un's sister, didn't interact at the ceremonies and receptions for the opening of the Winter Olympics.

Source: CNN

The recent detente has come despite an acceleration in the North's weapons program last year and pressure from Seoul's allies in Washington

Source: NBC

For some in the audience, it was their first time seeing North Koreans.

Source: New York Times

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has delivered a personal letter to South Korea's president, inviting him to a summit in Pyongyang.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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