North Korea says no U.S. talks planned at Olympics, Pence vows continued pressure


The extravaganza celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of North Korea.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Despite previous signs of an openness from the U.S., North Korea on Thursday said they do not have any interest in meeting members of the American delegation during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang beginning this week.

Source: ABC

North Korea has no intention of meeting U.S. officials during the Winter Olympics that start in South Korea on Friday, state media said, dampening hopes the Games will help resolve a tense standoff over the North's nuclear weapons program.

Source: Reuters

Satellite imagery shows how the North Korean authorities have mobilized and trained tens of thousands of people for a military parade ahead of the Olympics.

Source: New York Times

For some in the audience, it was their first time seeing North Koreans.

Source: New York Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has presided over an extravagant military parade in Pyongyang just a day before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opens in South Korea

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Woo is part of a growing community of South Koreans who believe they are caught in the crossfire of two nuclear powers and are quietly preparing for the unthinkable.

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Tanks and trucks carrying North Korean troops rolled down the streets of Pyongyang Thursday in a highly-anticipated display of military might on the eve of South Korea's Winter Olympics.

Source: CNN

Go Wan Hyuk showed "Nightline" a bunker designed to protect against "nuclear fallout and radiation" in case of disaster.

Source: ABC

Musicians played K-pop, Mozart, Josh Groban and other popular hymns.

Source: New York Times

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