Production of solar fuels inches closer with new discovery


Researchers have now found evidence that the amino acid arginine (or its prebiotic world equivalent) may have been a more important ingredient in this soup than previously thought.

Source: Science Daily

Or so goes the thinking behind the RNA World, one of the most robust hypotheses of the origin of life.

Source: Science Daily

Researchers have discovered how a catalyst splits water using solar power, opening the door to economically viable solar-fuel production.

Source: Science Daily

Life as we know it originated roughly 3.5 to 4 billion years ago in the form of a prebiotic ("before life") soup of organic molecules that somehow began to replicate themselves and pass along a genetic formula.

Source: Science Daily

Researchers discovered ways to further improve computing efficiency using management tools for cloud-based light-weight virtual machine replacements called containers.

Source: Science Daily

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