CVS-Aetna deal could completely change the way you get treatment


Aetna Inc.'s board of directors approved on Sunday the U.S. health insurer's sale to drugstore chain operator CVS Health Corp for approximately $207 per share in cash and stock.

Source: NBC

CVS Health Corp. shares dropped Monday as investors expressed uncertainty about the pharmacy giant’s $69-billion deal to acquire health insurer Aetna Inc. CVS stock was down 4.9% at $71.45 around 9:45 a.m. PST.

CVS Health Corp. plans to buy Aetna Inc. for $69 billion in a blockbuster deal that would further consolidate the U.S. healthcare industry by merging the nation’s largest pharmacy chain with a major healthcare insurer, the companies announced Sunday.

A merger of Aetna and CVS could mean a race toward greater consolidation in the industry, with as-yet-unknown impacts on access and cost of care.

Source: NBC

Meanwhile, shares of Aetna were down 0.5% at $180.40

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