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How a homemade tool helped North Korea's missile program


US President Donald Trump has "lit the wick of the war" against North Korea, a Russian state news agency quoted North Korea's foreign minister as saying on Wednesday.

Source: CNN

US President Donald Trump's attempts to jettison the Iran nuclear deal will, in the eyes of many observers, send a dangerous message to the international community, and to North Korea in particular.

Source: CNN

The United Nations has slapped a global port ban on four ships for their dealings with North Korea, including one that was caught smuggling 30,000 North Korean-made rocket-propelled grenades in 2016.

Source: CNN

In 2009, a pop video from North Korea celebrated a new national hero – one that outside experts would later realize was at the heart of the secretive state's banned nuclear and missile programs.

Source: Reuters

North Korea's hackers have been accused of carrying out some of the most audacious cyber attacks of the past few years, from siphoning millions of dollars to stealing state secrets.

Source: CNN

President Donald Trump finds himself under immense pressure as he considers de-certifying the international nuclear deal with Iran, a move that would ignore warnings from inside and outside his administration that to do so would risk undermining U.S. credibility.

Source: Reuters

Will he really do it? And if he does, what will it mean for Europe? Max Hofmann reports from Brussels.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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