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Trump Prepares New Iran Strategy, Including Bid to Alter Nuclear Deal


Donald Trump is about to throw the whole steaming mess of the Iran nuclear treaty into the hands of a deeply wounded and divided Congress, having built no foundation for such an action with the five other nations that signed the accord — four of them desperately important for US national security.

Source: CNN

President Trump is preparing to declare that the international nuclear accord with Iran is no longer in America's national security interests.

Source: NBC

A key deadline is looming and all eyes are on US President Donald Trump who has never liked the accord.

Source: Al Jazeera

President Donald Trump has a message to Republicans in Congress — you don't like the Iran nuclear deal, so you deal with it.

Source: CNN

CNN's Becky Anderson explains what you need to know about the landmark nuclear deal with Iran and what could happen if it's scrapped by US President Trump.

Source: CNN

The Iran nuclear deal was a historic diplomatic achievement to prevent Tehran's pathway to a bomb.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Between the ruthless executions of his own senior officers, bombastic threats of nuclear annihilation and defiant missile tests, it may be easy to agree with President Donald Trump's recent assessment that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a "madman" who is "on a suicide mission for himself."

Source: CNN

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